Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wireless Network Security

Wireless networks have become very popular in today's market with the continuing increase in technology. A major concern with wireless networks is in fact the security of this feature.Wireless network security has become more and more important with the increase in the number of users of wireless networks.
It is now simple for the average individual to set up a wireless system at home or at the office. These systems may be within the range of many other potential network intruders with the technology to detect and access the systems.
As you are planning for your hardware purchase and setting up your home wireless network, you have to consider wireless network security. As you know, there are some malicious people out there that spend their days and nights trying to figure out how to ruin your computing day. Whether is in the form of a virus, a piece of software that installs itself on your computer (known as malware) or actively trying to break into and access your computers on your network, you have to be diligent against these potential attacks.
As we develop an action plan for designing and implementing a wireless network for your home, let's talk about computer security in more general terms. It does not matter what type of network you are planning whether it is a dial-up or an always-on broadband network connection. It does not matter if you are planning a hard-wired network or a wireless network...or a hybrid of mixed connection types. When you connect your computer to the Internet, you immediately increase your risk. However, you can minimize your risk by taking some preventative steps for your wireless network security.
Local wireless networks, which provide information to receive and send to the Internet, have become part of the houses and offices. Where as it is less expensive than wired networks and allows for roaming between the two offices to remain in contact with the electronic devices. But experts in wireless network security warn of the penetration it by the strangers or intruders in order to sabotage it.

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